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The Best Damn Keto Guacamole Recipe on the Web

The Best Damn Keto Guacamole Recipe

Ketogenic Diet Guacamole
My guac was almost too gorgeous to Instagram. Almost.
Laziness Rating: 5/10 (-2 for mincing onions)
Delicious Rating:  5 stars based on 1 review.
Calories: 486
Recipe Type: Appetizer, Side, Topping
Cooking Time: 20 min
Yield: Serves 4

I absolutely hate cooking. But this guacamole recipe is so easy to make and only requires a few basic ingredients. Keeping guac in your fridge is a great way to make sure you hit your Keto macros. You'll be like oh shit, MyFitnessPal says I still need 20g of fat today? Better hammer down some spicy guacamole.

I put this guac on fish, dip my veggies in it, and sometimes just throw it on my plate and eat it like potato salad (dear god, I miss eating potato salad). And in case you didn't know, Avocados are a Keto power-food. You'd have to eat 7 jumbo eggs to match the fat in 2 avocados. Good luck with that...


  • 2 - Haas Avocados
    (Cal:454, Fat:42g, Prot:6g, NetCarb:6g) 
  • 1/2 Cup - Red Onion
    32, Fat: 0g, Prot:0g, NetCarb:6g)
  • 1 Tbsp - 100% Lime Juice
  • 1 - Pinch of salt
  • 2 Tbsp - Red Pepper Flakes (optional but deliciously recommended)

Update: Reddit users LaFridge and ghost_victim say adding Garlic is a must. Do you like Garlic in your guacamole? Let us know in the comments.

    Why Should I make Keto Guacamole?

    myfitnesspal ratio chart for Guacamole
    The high fat ratio keeps you full!
    My ex-girlfriend used to make guacamole all the time. We'd break out the guac and hammer a whole bag of a chips in one sitting (dear god, I miss eating chips). Before I started Keto, I told her "eating all this fat isn't healthy!" Of course, now I realize I was just an ignorant asshole for saying that (what else is new?). Ketoers know how important low-carb/high-fat foods like Avocados can be in curbing hunger.

    Note: I love anything with a little spicy kick. So adding Red Pepper Flakes or Cayenne Pepper powder really enhances the taste for me. If you hate spicy food, you can just omit the pepper flakes and continue leading a boring life.

    Making Spicy Keto Guacamole, Step-By-Step

    All the ingredients. Yes, it's that easy. 
    1. Peel and Pit the Avocados. No idea how to peel a Avocado? Neither did I the first time. Here's a video from YouTube.
    2. Mash the Avocados. Throw the freshly peeled Avocados into a bowl and mash the crap out of them with a fork (or other random utensil). Some people like big chunks of Avocado. I prefer my guac to be a little smoother so I can spread it on pretty much everything.
    3. Chop/Mince the Onion. Mince the onion until you have a million small pieces. The ingredients say 1/2 cup of chopped onions. But feel free to add more or less depending on your tastes.
    4. Add & Mix Your Ingredients. Toss the onions, salt, and lime juice into the guacamole and mix them together.
    5. You're done! Eat it immediately or toss it in the fridge for 30 minutes if you want to cool it down.
    KetoFlu Bonus: Add some chopped-up Turkey Bacon in too if you want. Bacon makes everything better.

    Keto On.

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    1. Not Bad. But I would add olive oil and garlic. The olive oil help the Guac to last longer if stored over night. And it would help to leave the seeds AKA my left ... The ball. Well since putting Guac in the fridge it can turn dark hence not too appealing. Anyhow the green jalapeƱos are not for... Well the recipe does say two Avacados!!! Peace

      1. @Roc112 - several people mentioned garlic but I've never heard Olive Oil. You're saying it will help prevent oxidation? I may have to give that a try. I always end up keeping the guac overnight.

      2. Yeah both the seeds and the olive oil help prevent oxidation. Ol' grandma info. You know when there is half of avocado still, well remove the ball from the center and gazed the avocado with the olive oil and but seed back in, put a fridge and it keep it from oxidizing.

      3. The lime juice is what is supposed to keep it from turning dark (you can also use lemon or something else acidic). Additionally, when storing it in the refrigerator, covering it with plastic wrap will also prevent this, BUT you have to press the plastic wrap down onto the surface of the guacamole. You can't have this huge gap between the guac and the wrap, which people usually just pull taut at the top of the container.

      4. Lemon/Lime juice helps keep guacamole green. But if you dont use the other half of the avocado, the oil prevents oxygen from reaching it=wont turn brown. But it wont help in the guac, unless you make it a layer ontop like in a pesto.

    2. A food processor will get you that smooth consistency and allow you to mince the onions without much effort - you will need to do the dishes afterwards which can be a pain, but a food processor is worth it's weight...

    3. Added bonus: this item is green, which means it's like vegetables for your eyes. +1 organic, +1 defense.

      Additional note: Seeing a lot of ellipses in the comments, which is reminding me of a fitness tip I learned tonight: use of weightlifting gloves measurably enhances ROI on the elliptical machine. There's some free advice that don't cost nothin.

      Final question: do you do your own photography? That instag(uac)ram looks a k-hole portal into deliciousness.

    4. Proper guacamole is avocado, lime juice, a little finely diced fresh jalepeno or serrano chile (NOT red pepper flakes), a little chopped fresh cilantro, and salt. Optional: finely diced red onion and/or garlic. I like using garlic salt personally. And the suggestion for chopped turkey bacon in it? - nasty!

      1. I didn't see the word proper in the name of the recipe

    5. I've tried a similar recipe a few times and just love it. I also stirred in some full fat sour cream which is a variation you might want to try as well. I like the addition of the lime juice and red pepper.

      I've also been buying spicy pork rinds for dipping into the guac. Pork rinds by themselves are pretty unsatisfying, but when combined with the guacamole, I don't miss corn chips and salsa at all.

    6. Glad someone mentioned garlic. It makes the guac 100% better. I also like adding some cumin and cayenne pepper.

    7. I usually make roasted garlic guac with avocado, roasted garlic (usually 1 bulb per 1 large avocado, I like it garlic heavy), salt, pepper and lime juice. Simple and flipping DELICIOUS.

    8. forget about chips. Use pork rinds.

    9. I make it with 1 avacado, 2 T. salsa, a little salt to taste and a squeese of fresh lime juice. And I use celery or cucumber slices or even cheese crisps!


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