Wednesday, April 9, 2014

4 Quick & Delicious Low-Carb Snacks for Keto Dieters

4 Simple Low-Carb Snack Ideas for the Ketogenic Diet

Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ Almonds
Habanero BBQ almonds: Nuts of the Gods.
Laziness Rating: 10/10
Delicious Rating: 5 stars based on 1 review

Calories: Varies
Net Carbs: Under 5g each
Recipe Type: Snack
Prep Time: 01 min

You'll rarely find recipes with a coveted 10/10 laziness rating. Pretty much every meal requires at least a little bit of preparation. But today, we've hit a new low. If you're like me, you probably hate chopping, mixing, and stirring ingredientsEspecially when all the food just ends up in your stomach in a matter of minutes anyway. But since the following foods are snacks, rather than actual recipes, they require nothing of youno effort, time, or preparation. Congrats, you've officially reached the pinnacle of gastronomic apathy. Here are 4 delicious and super-lazy snack ideas that have been essential during my last 12 months (and -62 lbs) on the ketogenic diet.

1. Blue Diamond BOLD Flavored Almonds

Habanero BBQ almonds bag
Sometimes I pour several gallons
in a tub & just swim with them.
Let me start by saying that I find plain almonds to be disgusting. They're bland and have a weird texture. So if you're like me, you may have dismissed the idea of snacking on almonds long ago. But I'm here to tell you that the BOLD flavored almonds from Blue Diamond are a fucking culinary masterpiece.

I buy these almonds every week by the pound (literally 16oz bags) and eating them has become the highlight of my day. Each almond is covered liberally with flavored dust that sticks to your fingers when you eat them. They sort of remind me of those flavored pretzel pieces from Snyder's; they're just as tasty, except low carb, high fat, and high fiber.

Blue Diamond apparently offers a bunch of different flavors, which is great if you want to mix up your snacks a bit. Try them all until you find your favorites. I highly recommend the Habanero BBQ, Jalapeno Smokehouse, and Wasabi & Soy Sauce flavors. Each serving is 28 nuts (a decent handful) and has 23 net carbs, depending on the flavor:
  • Habanero BBQ | Jalapeno Smokehouse170 cal; 15g fat; 6g protein; 2g (net) carbs
  • Wasabi & Soy Sauce | Honey Dijon170 cal; 15g fat; 6g protein; 3g (net) carbs
Just be careful not to devour too many in one sitting. The calories and net carbs can add-up very very quickly (170 calories x 6 handfuls = destroying your daily MFP goals). But trust me when I say they're worth every single calorie and carb inside them. You can find these in various sizes and flavors at most grocery and convenience stores. But the bulk sizes are a much better value than the cans. You should just buy the 1lb bags directly from Amazon.

Blue Diamond Almond Flavors
BOLD almonds - try to catch them all. I've still never spotted the Honey Dijon flavor in the wild.

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