Low-Carb Snacks

Easy Low-Carb Snacks for Your High-Stress Life

habanero bbq almonds snack
Habanero BBQ Almonds
There are plenty of sites dedicated to low-carb, ketogenic, and paleo diet food. And many offer elaborate recipes that use low-carb substitutes to recreate delicious desserts and munchies. For instance, almond flour can yield wonderful low-carb scones or a faux carb pizza. And sugar substitutes like Stevia, Erythritol, and Xylitol will produce sweeter keto-friendly foods like low-carb cookiesbrownies, or cheesecake. But not everyone has a knack for cooking from scratch. If you're like me and you'd prefer to stay away from the oven and measuring cups, you'll appreciate this list of effortless low-carb snacks. 

It doesn't matter if you're on a low-carb diet (e.g.; Atkins, South Beach, Ketogenic, Paleo) or just looking for ways to snack smarter and reduce your calories. Everyone needs tasty and convenient snack foods. So I've created a list of foods that are delicious, low in carbs, and supremely simple. They'll require little or no preparation and can often be bought online or at a nearby grocery or convenience store. When you're feeling tired, stressed, hungry, tipsy, or lazy, the last thing you want to do it cook a meal from scratch. So beat your temptations by keeping some of these keto-friendly snacks nearby at all times...just in case.

I published my first list of low-carb snacks in April 2014 and the post was wildly popular on Reddit and Facebook. That prompted me to expand the list and give it a separate page on the site. Definitely check out the "KetoFlu Munchies" post for an explanation of my favorite snacks.

bag of habanero bbq almonds
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1. Blue Diamond BOLD Flavored Almonds

These are far-and-away my favorite snack. Here's a quote from my first snack post:
"BOLD flavored almonds from Blue Diamond are a fucking culinary masterpiece. I buy these almonds every week by the pound (literally 16oz bags). They sort of remind me of those flavored pretzel pieces from Snyder's; they're just as tasty, except low carb, high fat, and high fiber."
Blue Diamond has a ton of different flavors, but my favorites are Habanero BBQ, Jalapeno Smokehouse, and Wasabi & Soy Sauce. 1 serving size is 28 nuts and has 2-3 net carbs (depending on the flavor you choose). The high fat content in almonds makes these a perfect snack on the ketogenic diet. But more importantly, they taste friggin amazing. Try one of their flavors now.

2. Quest Low Carb Protein Bars

quest low carb bars
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Quest Bars are extremely popular with low-carb dieters on Reddit and Facebook. They're high in protein and very high in dietary fiber. The net carbs in each bar range from 3 grams up to 7 grams (in the Apple Pie flavor). More importantly, they come in a ton of tempting flavors like Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Strawberry Cheesecake.  I highly recommend trying a few different kinds until you find a favorite. You can buy them directly from Amazon.

3. Pork Rinds - Fried Pork Skins - Chicharrones

bag of low carb baken-ets
Hot & Spicy
Pork rinds (also known as chicharrones) are a popular kind of fried pork skins. They're extremely low in carbohydrates and are a convenient source of fat. The best part is that pork rinds are extremely common in the U.S. and can be bought in pre-packaged bags at most convenience stores. Pork rinds are a great snack for anyone who misses munching on carby snackfoods like chips or pretzels. You can pop open a vacuum-sealed bag of Baken-Ets from your local 7-11 and them dip them in sour cream, guacamole, or ranch dressing for extra deliciousness. Chips will seem like a second-class citizen after you enjoy these. And if you like things a little spicier, I'd definitely recommend the Hot & Spicy flavor of Baken-Ets.

4. Cheese Sticks & Cheese Blocks

Before developing an obsession with flavored almonds, cheese sticks were my essential ketogenic snack food. Eating high-fat foods is a great way to curb hunger and prevent cheating on your diet. And with so many different types of cheeses available, you can integrate it a million different ways without every getting bored. Some of my favorite cheese variations are:

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